General Objectives

FireWatch’s general objectives fully comply with the objectives of the Sustainable Development programme as it aims at creating a novel monitoring information system that will enable the realtime detection of forest fires by using state of the art technologies in WSNs. Additionally, the use of modern terrain analysis and geographical information will enable the involved authorities to take better courses of actions in the case of fires (e.g., optimal navigation paths to fires) as well as save precious time by patrolling mainly the areas that are identified by FireWatch as high risk. Furthermore, via the geographical information analysis, authorities will also know the real-time evolution of fires (i.e., fire spreading direction).

The experience gained through the use of such a system will help strengthen the present government’s monitoring infrastructure and will enable the provision of high quality monitoring services. This has a high impact in improving the preservation of the environment by diminishing forest damage, salvation of the wild life and avoidance of human losses. This is equally important for the Cyprus economy as Cyprus forests are a main attraction to high quality tourist groups.

Scientific and Technological Objectives

The Scientific and Technological objectives of this project are summarized as follows:

  1. Terrain analysis and digital terrain modelling of Cypriot forest areas.
  2. Identification of sensor node placement strategies and multi-path routing algorithms that achieve both effective forest coverage with the aid of geographical data as well as maximum availability and accessibility even in the cases where part of the network is destroyed by fire.
  3. Identification of fire detection/prediction algorithms and mechanisms in order to develop a novel monitoring system that overcomes the problems of traditional approaches.
  4. Design and development of a forest road navigation system that will assist firemen by continuously providing optimal navigation paths to approach the fire even in the cases where part of the road network is or foreseen to be destroyed, or inaccessible.
  5. Design and development of a ubiquitous fire detection and prediction system that enables the real-time monitoring of forest fires and timely collaboration with involved authorities in order to diminish forest damage, wild life and human losses because of fires.
  6. Pilot operation of the prototype FireWatch system in order to evaluate the overall system’s efficiency and further understanding of the various factors that influence the deployment of such a system both in terms of technological requirements and cost.
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